Hi All,

I was looking for speeches to practice identifying what worked… or didn’t…and found this. (By the way, whether the US is or isn’t the greatest country in the world isn’t my point)

Admittedly the speech was written by a brilliant writer or writers, who’s name/s I don’t know, and it’s delivered by a pretty good actor, but consider for a moment that this was still a human being, simply speaking to an audience.

If you’re looking for the one thing that really works when you’re presenting… find as deep a connection as you can to your material, decide on your intention and speak from the heart. Most everything else will fall into place, and for whatever doesn’t, the audience will forgive you.

The content isn’t meant to represent my view on the US, and please try to ignore the mood music in the second half of the speech, but the way in which the spoken content is delivered completely supports my thinking about making your audience ‘feel’ something about your message, because generally, feelings will linger while words just float away.


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