Awake • Engaged • Informed

Dozens of pages crammed full of simple to use practical communication tips for the busy senior executive.  Based on the 4 dimensions of human expression; physical, emotional, intellectual and intentional, this workbook is all you'll ever need to know to keep an individual or an audience awake, engaged and informed.

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How does it work?

The world of professional theatre depends on teamwork and leadership; energy and faith. Nothing gets done with out a combination of those dynamics

Curtain Up places you at the heart of creating your own production in just 72 hours.

This challenge can be bespoke for a single individual, or adapted to include a team of up to 6 ‘non-theatre professionals’.

We’ll give you a brief introduction to the basics and then you’re off. You’ll have a venue, a professional stage manager and a cast of actors/comedians at your disposal. Everything else is up to you and/or your team.

The idea, the story, the script, the casting, the rehearsals, the timing, the marketing, the sales, dealing with the ‘talent’s’ insecurities, audience interaction… everything!

It’s not about a perfect performance; it’s about you and how you lead.

Once the challenge is over, you’ll receive feedback on your ‘performance’ as a leader/director, during which we will review video and explore the gaps between your self-perception and the perception of others. Based on the feedback we can create programmes to help you manage those gaps and begin leading in 4D back in the workplace.

There’s nothing more to know really, it’s just the challenge and your ability to lead a team through it to its end… whatever that may look like.

We can stage this anywhere in the world with enough planning, and at the end you will have had a leadership experience of a lifetime.

Now it’s up to you.