Eight Shades Of Evolution…

We would offer that the more ‘perspectives’ on life you can hold at one time, the more evolved you are as a human ‘being’, not ‘doing’ leadership.

Where are you on this colour scale today, and where do you want to be on it tommorrow?

Beige: Life is survivial

Purple: Life is in the lap of the gods

Red: Life is a battleground

Orange: Life is about what we have and own

Blue: Life is about creating and following the rules

Green: Life is about community and egalitarianism

Yellow: Life is about learning and continually changing

Purple: LIfe is about an evolving interactive whole

NB It’s not about losing one to attain the next… It’s about transcending yet including all the tiers of evolution of the mind. Once you can juggle all 8 ‘balls’, you’re what we would call an intergrated human being.

Good luck with that, since research suggests that the majority of humans only ever manage to attain purple; that’s a tribal perspective on life, which is why, in the main, we still have at best suspicion, and at worst, conflict and hatred of others.