Awake • Engaged • Informed

Dozens of pages crammed full of simple to use practical communication tips for the busy senior executive.  Based on the 4 dimensions of human expression; physical, emotional, intellectual and intentional, this workbook is all you'll ever need to know to keep an individual or an audience awake, engaged and informed.

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How does it work?

Fore! is a 2.5 day experiential workshop that looks like golf, feels like golf and even takes place on a golf course; but golf is the last thing Fore! is about.

Fore! is designed to test your leadership communication behaviours, while under the stress of leading a four-ball team around nine holes within a time limit and set of rules to test even the toughest leader.

We’ve created a unique format of the game, that stays within the rules and etiquette of its PGA and R&A traditions, but with a little twist...or depending on the budget, a big twist.

Once the individual challenge is over everybody gets the chance to commit their feedback to paper, and then we look at any gaps or different perceptions of the leader from team members. That’s where the learning really begins.

Delegates receive 360 feedback and video footage of their leadership highs and lows over the course, and discover other aspects of their personal style that should increase conscious communication skills once back in your business… and personal life.

Once the individual’s self awareness has been raised we can create future bespoke small group and/or 121 sessions, allowing participants to work on any communication skills gaps they feel need closing between perception and reality.

Our task is not to ‘teach’ anything at all; we’re not teachers. We’re a team of highly experienced personal development and business coaches who choose to work with leaders by creating real world, real time experiences and challenges rather than subject them to PowerPoint, pie charts and Venn diagrams in a ‘training room’.

We believe you ‘train’ dogs, horses and parrots… humans need something a little different.

Our objective is for delegates to discover who and how they behave as a leader; what their patterns are and how they might begin to disturb or adapt them a little… or a lot, if necessary.

Fore! will help them consciously create the impact they choose, rather than be hostage to their behavioural habits and patterns.

Fore! operates with multiples of 4 delegates per workshop. Our preference is to work with current or potential teams, but individuals may also be accepted onto the programme, if a minimum of 4 can be grouped.