Hi All,

When you either take a decision to, or automatically assume the role of leader, it might put a few ‘noses out of joint’. However; one of the main differences between a conscious leader and a follower, peer group or not, is that the leader cannot help but lead… it’s in the their nature to do so.

Sure the style of their leadership might cause friction especially when in a peer situation. There are several reasons why ‘spark points’ might arise, but I would I would offer that friction usually arises because one or more in the peer group is, or are, aggrieved that they either didn’t make a strong or clear enough bid to lead when a decision was needed, or that they might simply prefer to snipe from the edges rather than risk faliure themselves.

I agree with with phrase that leadership is a service to others, but the flavour of that ‘service’ depends on the situation one finds oneself in.

Leadership is a tough gig… it’s undeniable, but the more you consciously create the impact you choose, the less miscommunication you create.



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