Hi All,

We would offer there’s three (and a half) major concepts to grasp and master if you want to be an effective presenter…

Concept 1

From long experience we have found that a majority of those who ‘present’ are so focused on content, or the information, they forget, or often consciously ignore the first two things that a ‘presenter’ should remember…

No 1: Their first job is to get and to keep people awake!

No 2: Their second job is to get and keep people engaged!! Because without mastering the first two jobs, you’ll never acheive the third job…

No 3: getting people informed!!!

Concept 2

Once the first is grasped, the second concept is to understand and accept that the most effective way to have an individual or audience remember what you say, you have to focus on making them consciously ‘feel’ something about you and your message.

Our work is all about helping people’ consciously’ create the impact they choose.

Concept 3

The human is the presentation, not the Powerpoint.

People can’t read and listen effectively at the same time and if you pack your slide with data, it will will always beat you in a competition for the audience’s attention. It’s light on a wall, and the audience are moths.

Concept 3.5

Think of your presentation as a ‘conversation’…

Yes you will be doing most of the talking, but putting yourself in this mindset should automatically trigger you into mastering the most effective human engagement tool you’ll ever use… asking questions. If you want to be interesting… be interested.

There’s so much more to it, but without understanding and mastering those three and a half ideas it’s so much harder to go from average to good, good to great and great to awesome!



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