“We” rules OK…

Hi All,

I was reminded today of how powerful the smallest words can be. Of how the unconscious or careless use of I, you or we’ as a preposition, can slant communication and deliver an unintended impact.

During my long drive home from Heathrow, after an interesting peice of work ‘we’ had just jointly facilitated, it dawned on me that I’d unintentionally been, in a verbal sense, a ‘bad’ boy… even at 58!

Before I relay exactly what I was reminded of, I’m going to resurrect another standby saying from the ‘old-school’ book of team-building and motivation… the unimaginative but nonetheless true… “There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM”

I was replaying some of the recent sessions in my head and realised that I had occasionally, unintentionally and unconsciously potentially undermined and/or alienated my colleagues by using the word “I” when either talking about or making reference to the core foundation of our work, ‘our’ philosophy, ‘our’ thinking, our collective understanding and passion for what we have become.

I used the word “I” when in fact it would have been more truthful, powerful, team- affirming and impactful if I had used the word “we”.

I will strive to be better at consciously creating the impact I choose and only refer to “I” when talking about a personal experience. At all other opportunities “I” will set myself the strongest intention possible to use “we” to include all my colleagues in any reference to ‘our’ work, or ‘our’ intention. I promise to replace I with “we” or “our” as often as possible.

Sure, as individuals we could each chosen to have worked solo and been great, but together “we” went from great to awesome and then transcended and included awesome to become unbelievable!

“We” rules OK