Yet more proof… if proof were needed…

In a recent Forbes article called, ‘How To Communicate Executive Presence; according to a new ‘year-long’ study by the Center for Talent Innovation, leadership potential is signalled through an employee’s gravitas, communication skills and appearance… “Really?”

The following six communication skills were deemed the most important by director-level executives and above… “You’re joking, really??”

No. 1: Excellent Public Speaking
Great speaking skills were identified as the most important communication requirement. Leaders must be able to speak well with the press, in front of groups and one-on-one. “Amazing!”

No. 2: Ability To Command A Room
Of the executives polled, 54% said this is a top requirement for men and 49% said the same for women. Commanding a room means getting people to listen when you speak–through great speaking skills, confidence and standing tall. Moreover, if you phrase and emphasize ideas well, it will get people’s attention. “Well blow me down!”

No. 3: Assertiveness
Executives believe assertiveness is equally important for men and women to attain the top jobs. It means speaking up with confidence but without being confrontational. “That’s incredible!”

No. 4: Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to make others feel valued and understood. It requires good listening skills, empathy, eye contact and evoking a positive feeling in others. “Emotional intelligence a bonus; well that’s just unbelievable!”

No. 5: Sense Of Humour
The report found that the ability to show a sense of humour and excel at off-the-cuff and casual conversations is also incredibly important. This requires the ability to read an audience and also have a basic understanding of the latest news and pop culture headlines.“Living in the real world is useful… well I never!”

No. 6: Good Posture And Body Language
Nonverbal communication says a lot. Body language portraying strength and confidence signals you’re leadership material. Stand tall, hold your head upright and make eye contact.“Make eye contact and stand up straight; something almost every adult told me as child almost every day!”

Why and how did it take them a whole year to get to this?

Granted; A journalist probably re-wrote the findings and so has probaly journalised them to make it easier reading; but hands up all of you to whom the Forbes article was a revelation?

If you’re in an executive position, and it was news, I would have to question how come you’re in an executive position? Get in touch because we can help you… for sure.

Apoligies for sounding so ‘nah na na nah na’, but stating the obvious, and taking a year to do it because we refuse to accept what we see, and more importantly ‘feel’, what’s right in front of our eyes, pushes a button in me.

In truth it’s not really the ‘what’ of what’s required that’s news anyway, it’s the ‘how’ you achieve it. Thank goodness we’re around to help you with the real work of consciously creating the impact you choose.

The year-long research is proof, if proof were needed, that the neo-cortex, or new brain, is at once a blessing and a curse.

The good old amygdala, or lizard brain ‘sensed’ all those points, even if it wasn’t working in words, it certainly made those six points ‘felt in the gut’ way before anybody’s new big brain decided to ‘prove’ the feeling.

For me this research ‘proves’ one thing… that those of us with ‘normal brain chemistry’ stopped listening to the part of us that simply knows what’s right or wrong, effective or ineffective, works or doesn’t work.

So thanks for the news that points 1 to 6 will get you noticed, but I hope we already knew.

If you want to ‘get ahead in advertising’… or any walk of life, personal or proffessional, start listening and believing to that voice in your ‘head’…BTW for ‘head’ read ‘gut’ more often. It’ll save you years of research and heartache.

NB The amygdala is that ancient part of the brain that senses danger; it’s where instincts and gut feelings originate.

Did you know that your gut has brain nurones in it. If you’re interested check this out…

Off now for a cup of tea and a lie down…

Ants 😉