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Hi All,

Having read this piece in Linked in:-

it crystallised a thought for me…

I guess that all 50 something leaders, with at least 10 years left to contribute, might have reached a tipping point right about now.

Many of this age and slightly more may have musical tastes that create a cultural boundary between the hip-hop 20 somethings and themselves. “It’s not real music”. “It gives me a headache”, “Why are they all so angry all the time?” etc.

I would offer that this nominal and natural disrepect between the old and new culture follows the historical norms of the post ‘teen’ phenomenon since the 50’s; crooners to rock and roll, heavy rock, to pop etc.

Well for me, the truth is that everything changes and, as uncomfortable as that might feel for many people, and again for me it’s the only ‘truth’… You’re born, you live your life, you die, and anything prior or beyond that model for me in conjecture.

My point is that if leaders are to stay relevant through what is the inevitable forward motion of the arrow of time, then perhaps it’s time to modify the golden rule of, “Treat others as ‘you’ would like to be treated”, to, “Treat others as ‘they’ would like to be treated.

Just like a tree in a hurricane, if we don’t learn to flex, and I appreciate for many that’s easier said than done, then we’ll break.

Best of luck to all the old leader rockers out there… including me!




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