In my own continuing search for meaning; for my driver, for the ‘why’ of me, I unearthed this yesterday and tried to make sense of it.

I used to think I’d reached the core of my reason to be what I am becoming until yesterday on a long drive from home to a client in Manchester, my mind began delving again.

Until yesterday I thought the bottom of the well was my wish to alleviate fear in people by helping to improve their communication skills and thereby reducing miscommunication between people… but it goes a level deeper than that.

I’ve realised that the ability for individuals to be able to hold more than one perspective, or points of view, at one time is the thing that’s lacking in many presently. On thinking about it, I would offer that lack of ability is what’s causing, and has caused, so much of the conflict in the world since the first cave dwellers had their first difference of opinion, not that they probably knew what an ‘opinion’ was, but you get my drift.

If we can develop the ability to hold several perspectives and not be wedded to one, then surely we become more tolerant of other views and less myopic.  Granted from a western POV it’s hard to see how we might ever embrace/accept the POV of ISIS for example; but in thinking that way, you can see how the prospect of resolving that conflicting set of values, ideas, beliefs and experiences, is so far from happening that if we continue down this path of you’re wrong, I’m right, as we have for millennia, there will be no peace, only more conflict, anger and war.

In the case of ISIS, I’m not for one minute condoning it’s violence or it’s philosophy, but neither am I suggesting that our opposing western views and actions are water-tight either…

there; that’s two perspectives already.  I think a simple definition of those perspectives might be, ‘I’ or egocentric, ‘we’ or ethnocentric, ‘us’ or world-centric, and ‘it’ or cosmo-centric,

I’m no Kofi Anand, Nelson Mandela, or Martin Luther King, or even the person who may have cleaned their shoes. I have no ambition to lead a great movement of change in the world, but I do want to help those few I come into contact with… and maybe a few of them will help a few more along the way.

So… I now realise that my purpose is to not only develop my ability to hold more perspectives, but through my continued work in the field of 4D communication skills, to help others also develop that ability. Maybe one day, long after I’m worm food or smoke up a chimney, maybe those I’ve helped will, like compound interest, multiply and become the change in the world that we all need to evolve and thrive as one big joined up thing… together.