Busy senior executive? Looking for simple, practical leadership communication tips that work?

My name is Anthony Etherton, and as the founder of the Courageous Communication Partnership, alongside our trusted partners from 4D Human Being and Creative Team Events Ltd, we create and deliver extraordinary leadership skills development workshops for many of the world’s leading companies.

We’ve been operating since 2008 and it’s been our mission to help leaders and their leadership teams to achieve one goal…“To consciously create the impact they choose”. The list of clients we work with is endless. It includes leading global brands in manufacturing, banking, insurance, chemicals, fashion, retail and many more.

We combine our knowledge and experience of business, drama and psychology to create and deliver bespoke experiential seminars.  The work is designed to keep you awake, engaged and informed… in that order.

Who Are You?

Through knowing yourself more fully, we believe you can increase your effectiveness, so... my two essential questions to you are these…
What is it about your ‘behaviour’ that motivates others to follow you?
When you enter a space and speak to an individual, or stand to present to an audience; what is their experience of you as a leader, and as a human being?
Is there a difference between the two?
We believe that until you have a clear idea of the actual impact you create, it’s difficult to improve your effectiveness.

Our first focus when working with an individual or team is on finding the answer to the third question we always ask… “Who are you?”

Our work isn’t something we ‘do’… it ‘s what we ‘are’. We’re extremely good at it and we’d love to talk to you about how we can make you and your leadership teams more productive and more impactful from day one.