A freind of mine recently asked if I’d to come on board to a leadership development project in Uganda. So like a typical-media fed Westerner the first thing I did was look up the Foreign Office advice for travellers… it wasn’t encouraging. Ebola, terrorism, kidnapping, death, mayhemic political demonstrations, the list went on. My consequent internal dialogue, as you might expect was, “Not for all the tea in China”. There was then a period of about five days, during which whenever I logged on, almost the first thing I would do was type Uganda in the search bar… I read about it’s history, it’s challenges, it’s potential, the stereotypical prehistoric prediliction of its leaders to lead mostly by intimidation, it’s christian/muslim religious bias, how TRAVELLING IN THE NORTH WAS NOT ADVISED, and a hundred other facts that I hadn’t known before, mostly negative. I’m writing this now having sent my CV to my freind because he asked me to for inclusion in a proposal which is going to the very top eschalons of the current govenment. I sent it because a freind asked me for help and now I’m in a quandry. I’m treading a balance between what got me into leadership development; the desire to help guide a new tranche of 21st century leaders away from the pitfalls of the past; and, on the other hand, the fear of falling foul of potential harm in a country where life can be cheap and easily ended. It’s indisputable that Africa, like China and India, could each use a mega-ton of help regarding the development of its future leaders. It’s also undeniable that I am afraid of the consequences for me and my family should anything ‘go wrong’…

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