I can do nothing but agree that change is indeed constant… A phrase I’ve often used myself.

However; just because it’s true, doesn’t make it any easier for many people to deal with.

Accepting this natural state of our condition means the various ‘rocks’ that many cling to aren’t rocks at all in the sense they need them to be… and to many that’s a really scary prospect.

Only when individuals realise they are not actually individuals but part of the infinite in finite form, might they begin to get some relief from the primal anxiety we all feel, simply because we’re human’s being, that are born, then live and ‘die’.

The thing to keep in mind is that the stuff of which we are made, the energy, the consciousness, the atoms have always been and will always be, not in our form, or the bodies we inhabit, but in the essence of what everything in the universe is… energy and intention.

Understanding and knowing this won’t change our day to day lives in our earth-bound relative realm of chairs and mortgages, mountains and bananas, but it might just begin to put an end to many people closing their eyes to your ‘constant’ statement and start living with and in truth rather than the mystical fictions of heaven and hell.

Change is indeed constant… and so are we.

If that helps you lead your people with a deeper insight into their potential reticence towards change then that’s great.



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