Yet another buzz title to add to the groaning weight of leadership innovation titles, but maybe worth exploring for a few lines…

A leader’s style shapes their followers behaviours, so let’s take a step back and review how.

There’s a lot in a word; for instance do you want to “train” your followers, or do you want to “develop” them.

For me, training is what you undertake when confronted with a badly behaved pet. Development is what you offer, when you are mindful of the needs of your team to get the job done because you are a ‘host leader’.

For example… from the very instant you decide to host an event you have usually focused your attention on the individual or individuals for whom the event will be created. Then your attention moves to how will you create an event or gathering that caters in all respects for all the guests you will invite.

Notice anything about the focus of the host?

Any great host’s attention is on the guests and what it is that the host can do to make it a memorable and pleasant experience for their guests.

My view is that people enjoy being around leaders who work ‘with’ them, not ‘over’ them.

Sure; the leader will still have to make tough decisions and not every situation will be sorted by a majority vote… if ever; but how you conduct yourself, determines how your team behaves both internally and externally and how it evolves individually and collectively.

I would offer that as leaders we should see our teams as guests we’ve invited to an event that together you will attend and derive experience, benefit, learning and pleasure from.

If you could adopt that frame of mind, how different might your day, week, month, year and beyond look?



“Awake, engaged and informed… in that order!”