Busy senior executive? Looking for simple, practical leadership communication tips that work?

Awake • Engaged • Informed

Dozens of pages crammed full of simple to use practical communication tips for the busy senior executive.  Based on the 4 dimensions of human expression; physical, emotional, intellectual and intentional, this workbook is all you'll ever need to know to keep an individual or an audience awake, engaged and informed.

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Our 1 Year Leadership Programmes UK and Abroad

The Courageous Communication Partnership offers extraordinarily effective leadership progammes UK and abroad.  Our programmes are very much based on communication development.  Afterall, 90% of a senior leader's time is spent communicating.

Our programme is easy to understand, interactively delivered and immediately applicable… Additionally there’s no endless sitting and note taking, very few PowerPoint slides, and definitely no workbooks (You know; the kind that you’ll probably put away once back at the office and never open again)

Changing or establishing patterns of behaviour isn’t easily achieved, so the most effective way to use us is over a longer period of up to one year.

However; we can work with you or your teams over much shorter periods for any specific communication challenges like presentation skills or influencing techniques.

All our long-term work is bespoke, so until we know your needs, it’s difficult to give specifics to any leadership programmes UK or abroad that we might create for you.

However; in general terms, our 1-year leadership programmes UK and abroad might look something like this…

Stage 1:

An Assessment

Will take the form of a unique ‘Integrally’-based assessment, looking at where individual is currently positioned on our physical, emotional, intellectual and intentional 4 dimensional scale.

This gives us, and the individual, a valuable insight into which of the four dimensions of human expression are either; not, partly or fully formed in them.

Whereas most leadership programmes UK or abroad pigeon-hole the individual, our assessment isn’t designed to pigeon-hole people.   It simply signals where they are currently. It initially identifies any gaps in their development across the four dimensions, and helps us, and them, to move forward with more self knowledge and insight into the next stage of the programme.

Stage 2:  Communicate with Impact

The assessment is followed by a consecutive 5-day immersion programme

Called Communicate with Impact.

In it we firstly work towards further identifying the gap between self-perception and others’ perception of the individual, then we help manage the inevitable disparity between the two.

Unlike other leadership programmes UK or Abroad, we’ll offer a unique 4-dimensional model and a simple language identifying the 4 Dimensions of human expression, and then work experientially on the tools and techniques required to help an individual consciously create the impact they choose.

In the first instance it will include sessions on the physical aspect of leadership communication looking at gesture, posture, eye contact, energy, movement and most importantly voice.

Stage 3:  Influencing

Looks at the skill of influencing. Once the physical aspects of leadership impact are covered we’ll add to the palette intellectually and offer a simple model that helps identify the 4 main human drivers. Once identified, these drivers can be consciously used to tailor your approach to either an individual or team to give the best chance of successfully landing your message on target.

Stage 4:  Difficult messages

Using the highly effective forum theatre model we run delegate led, real scenarios in real time. Using stop start techniques, delegates are able to incorporate learning from the past stages of the workshop to either re look at past conversations that might have gone better, run a current challenge, or rehearse a future challenging scenario before it happens.

Stage 5:

The final and intense look at how the physical aspect of leadership communication is fundamental to creating impact. Through the use of a rhythm-based non-verbal language, delegates will be asked to deliver messages to the group in a unique and challenging way, demonstrating the power and effect of physical communication.