2011 may well be promising employment uncertainty and fear for many of your people. When we humans are fearful because of uncertainty we usually appreciate two things, an ear, or shoulder and the truth.

When the economy seems to be going to shit and no one is able to predict 3 months ahead, let alone 3 years, your teams will be full of individuals on unstable emotional ground.

Yes, direction is required from you all; strength and confidence in bucket loads is essential from you… taking time out to ask them how they’re coping and taking a little more time to listen to them, without judging or beginning your sentences with, ‘What I would do’ is one of the most effective things you can do.

You don’t, or shouldn’t need, to go on a course to learn how to do that, you just have to feel something about other peoples’ plight and follow your gut and follow your heart.

Now is the time for leaders to build their personal / emotional bank accounts by working even more closely with your teams and being there for them… even though you may also be feeling what they’re feeling. If you’re in a business that depends on your teams performing, then they are your most important asset. It’s time to feed and water them through the ‘winter’ so that come the ‘Spring’ they’re strong and invigorated.

Just ask the difficult questions and listen to the answers.


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