Hi All,

I guess we all mostly agree there are many obstacles to overcome on both sides of the personal development situation; but the for me the most important aspect is that the ‘soft skills’ facilitator has to ‘be’ the thing they are describing.

For without a living, breathing flesh and blood example actualy in the room with them, ‘being’ the behaviour, how can you even begin to expect a delegate or delegates to start their journey to consciously creating the impact they choose.

It’s a tough gig, but if we don’t at least continue trying to evolve our behaviour as a species, we’ll get stuck as extremely clever apes, forever locked in what my colleagues and I describe as the ‘primal anxiety’. A state of mind, body, spirit and intention that perpetuates, in part, the negative aspects of the sense of ‘I’ instead of the global and ultimately the universal ‘us’.

We would suggest that the little guy from India with glasses was right when he said, “Be the change” etc


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