Research suggests that 75% of the world’s population hasn’t risen above an ‘ethno-centric’ world view.

If proof of this were needed you only have to witness the separate global ‘patriotism’ displayed during the recent soccer World Cup.

In the nicest possible way, what more proof is required that unless and until we can elevate ourselves to a global-centric view, we will at best forever remain intelligent apes, protecting our individual tribes, continuing to miss the big point…We’re all one big tribe!

That includes everything from the smallest bug to the biggest mountain and deepest ocean; everything on and in.

The boundaries and separateness we’ve conceived and created only serve to keep us small, skirmishing, unenlightened mammals believing the differences we’ve created are greater than the similarities, or I would suggest, the ‘oneness’ of our existence.

If you want a model that explains my point, look into Spiral Dynamics. Its detail is pretty complex, but its core message is simple… if we want to survive and thrive we have to begin behaving as one massive universal ‘tribe’.

So my apologies to all football fans, but whoever wins in the final, we all win!

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