“Not another personality profiler!” I hear you scream… No it’s not.
It’s a model charting the stages of the evolution of consciousness.
Those that research this kind of thing suggest that the majority of the planet’s population hasn’t really risen above the purple stage… and that’s taken around 6000 years. I would offer that’s the challenge facing us if we ever want to make it to the 22nd century and beyond.
From beige up to green there are ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ modes of each stage of development. In order to reach the integrative yellow perspective, and eventually the turquoise state, an individual, team, company, society and ultimately the whole of humanity would need to travel through, then transcend each state, and include it as they progress. Where do you think you are currently on the developmental spiral?
I would offer that if a leader can reach and hold the yellow perspective, then their ability to influence, motivate and inspire would be phenomenal.
In order to have maximum impact it’s important to experience each stage and retain the healthy aspects of each state as one’s consciousness evolves.
The yellow and turquoise states allow you to be able to dip into the healthy modes of each previous stage of development as and when required by the situational, environmental and/or cultural challenges that arise at any given time.
I would call that the ability ‘flex and flow’. I’m sure once you thought about that for a while you’ll see the benefit to the individual, and to the whole, as a way of being.
The ‘Spiral’ informs the core of the work my colleagues and I offer.  Think of the model as a cake, where the model is the sponge and the everything else, like specific communication skills and tools sit on top like icing and decoration. The whole thing in combination is what creates an effective 4 dimensional human being… I used to be a chef so the cake analogy works for me!
Think on…

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